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Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

Have you seen water dribbling inside your home after heavy rain or curling shingles? It could be time to check on the roof. Other times, problems are less obvious and may go unnoticed until they worsen over time. It can cause expensive repair bills down the road!

Do you live in Peoria, Illinois? Wondering if your roof needs a tune-up to keep it running smoothly and efficiently before problems develop. ROOF TIGER can help! We offer free inspections that will determine any areas of concern so all homeowners know what they need to do now or later.

Whether you’ve experienced a severe storm in the area or not, if your roof needs an inspection post-haste, we’ll be there for you. With authorization from our customers and their insurance company, we will meet with adjusters to explain any damage that has occurred. Moreover, we will assist them with settling claims quickly and efficiently.

What to Expect During a Roof Inspection

When a customer requests a free roof inspection, we conduct a through examination of the roofing components to ensure our clients are safe. First, we deploy one of our ROOF TIGER certified technicians to your home or business. From there, they will perform a multi-point inspection on your roofing system, to uncover any damage. Once completed, we will review our findings and if needed, develop a course of action.

Benefits of a Roof Inspection

You could save money and extend the life of your roof by performing regular inspections! By uncovering damage that was otherwise not noticeable, a roof inspection can help you get out in front of minor issues, that could turn into costly repairs.

Should I only Get a Roof Inspection to Find Storm Damage?

No. While we often do come across storm damage while performing free roof inspection, there are also a myriad of issues that are uncovered outside of storm damage.

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