Roof Storm Damage

Roof Storm Damage

Illinois is no stranger to high winds and occasional hail storms. A quick call to a trusted roofing contractor can give you peace of mind when your home sustains storm damage. ROOF TIGER is that trusted name in the Peoria area for storm damage roof repair. We’ll handle everything from repairs of all kinds to your insurance claims and roof replacement!
Your roof has been through a lot. It’s time to give it the inspection that you’ve probably put off for far too long now. Our team of expert roof inspectors is more than happy to help! There are plenty of signs that your roof may be suffering from storm damage – let us take care of everything, so nothing’s standing between you and your restored roof!

Wind Damage

Storms can cause significant damage, especially to roofs. Make sure you're looking for signs of missing shingles or damaged flashing before the next storm hits your home. If a roof has been exposed to significant winds in the past and there are any broken seals, it is always best to get an inspection and storm damage roof repair so that water does not seep into your attic during heavy rainstorms.

Hail Damage

Hail storms can have significant impacts on the shingles of our roofs. They cause indentations in them, and they make a distinct pattern if you look at their edges. One way to tell is by looking for small round spots all over your roof or flashing - but it may be easier to see if any indented rounds repeat themselves around those areas! If you suspect you may have hail damage, call us, today!

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